ProAdult - for individual language professionals over 18+


ProAdult membership is for individual candidates over 18 who are professionals in languages, e. g. for language teachers, university students, translators, etc..

ProAdult membership allows you to:


  • engage in IALF activities and projects
  • apply a discount of 2% - 50% for products and services listed in the "List ProAdult"
  • participate in IALF events; for events with entrance fees ProAdult members have special lower fee
  • participate as volunteers in the organization of IALF events (IALF can issue a certificate of participation and work, also suitable for CV)
  • receive IALF electronic letter with current information about events, activities, new discounts and benefits for members
  • if a ProAdult member has her/his own blog, or website, s/he has a right to publish lALF logo – ProAdult there


ProAdult List

- 50% discount for banner advertising on the portal

- 5% - 10℅ discount for courses, seminars, workshops, lectures organized by IALF

- Picture profile of a language teacher / translator / interpreter in the database of "Language Teachers" or "Translators and Interpreters" on only for 4.5€

- 20% discount for Spanish language manuals by

- 15% discount for online Spanish courses by FIDESCU: El uso de SER y ESTAR; El uso de las preposiciones espanolas

- bonus price for Genki English software

- lower fee for Accreditations

- other bonuses - just follow the information and if you can see there "for IALF members", just use your membership code (number) to get the bonus/advanteage- discount for Genki English software


Annual fee

Download membership application



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