Junior – for individual members under 18


Junior membership is for children and teenagers who are learning at least one foreign language, languages are their hobby and they learn them with joy, they have talent for languages, or they plan to study languages at university.

Junior membership allows you to:


  • engage in IALF activities and projects designed for people under 18
  • apply a discount of 2% - 50% for the products and services listed in the "Junior List"
  • participate in IALF events; for events with entrance fees Junior members get 50% discount
  • participate as volunteers in the organization of IALF events and have work and personal experience (IALF can issue a certificate of participation and work for a member )
  • receive electronic IALF information letter with current information about events, activities, new discounts and benefits for members
  • if a Junior member has his/her own blog or web site s/he has the right to display the IALF logo – Junior there


Junior List


We continue adding new benefits.  

- 5% discount for a daily language summer camp in Nitra, Slovakia

- 5% discount for English courses for children and teenagers in Malta

- 15% discount for online Spanish courses by FIDESCU: El uso de SER y ESTAREl uso de las preposiciones espanolas

- bonus price for Genki English software

- other bonuses - just follow the information and if you can see there "for IALF members", just use your membership code (number) to get the bonus/advanteage

Download application – to register as a Junior member it is necessary to give details about a parent (guardian) in the application, and s/he also has to sign the application.  Annual fee     hip feeAnnual membership fee

feeAAaaaaaaaaAnnual membership feeAnnual membership feeAnnual membership fee


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