Celebrate European Day of Languages

02/08/2012 08:00


The first European Day of Languages took place on 26 September 2001. It was one of the highlights of the European Year of Languages (EYL).

EYL was organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union and it involved millions of people across 45 countries. Its activities celebrated linguistic diversity in Europe and promoted language learning.

Seeing the success of EYL, Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe decided to declare a "European Day of Languages" to be celebrated on 26 September each year.

The Committee recommended that the Day should be organised in a decentralised and flexible manner according to the resources, interest and wishes of member states, which would enable them to define their own approaches in a better way.

To support the idea of EDL official website https://edl.ecml.at and logo were created. Later, in 2003, slogan „Talk to me“ was involved among the official symbols of EDL, and it was translated to 41 languages.

The general objectives of the European Day of Languages are:

  1. Alerting the public to the importance of language learning, increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding.
  2. Promoting the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which must be preserved and fostered.
  3. Encouraging lifelong language learning in and out of school, whether for study purposes, for professional needs, for purposes of mobility or for pleasure and exchanges.

Every year there are many events organized in various counties to celebrate EDL. List of events is published on the official website. 

Join in the European Day of Languages Nitra, Slovakia! 




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