International Language Accreditation

  • Main criteria


    IALF Accreditation follows these criteria:

    • high quality of language level of the institution/product
    • guarantee of using fun&effective method (it does not lie on usage or on possessing some type of concrete license)
    • keeping principles of the University of Human Personality


  • Who can apply?


    IALF Accreditation is for:

    A. Language institutions existing min. for two years (Language Institution IALF Accreditation)
    Language institution is: a language school; kindergarten; elementary school; secondary school with extensive language teaching; university department of foreign languages; freelance language lector

    B. Language products / projects published two months or more before submitting the application for IALF Accreditation (Language Product IALF Accreditation)

    Language product is: a textbook in printed or electronic version; dictionary; workbook; audio textbook; software on CD or USB.

    Language project or event has to be organized regularly, and it must have been organized at least once.


  • Process of Accreditation


    The accreditation process takes two-three or more months when the accreditation is given to institutions/products which apply for the accreditation for the first time.

    The IALF Accreditation is valid for three years. The extension of the accreditation takes three weeks.

    The accreditation can be taken away from the institution/product/project in case of breaking criteria and/or the codex of accreditation which the corresponding institution/author of the product agrees with in the application for IALF Accreditation.

    In case the corresponding institution/product/project is approved, it receives the "Certificate of Accreditation" and the logo of the IALF Accreditation. Owner of the accreditation is entitled to use the logo on his/her website and on the materials related to the accreditation of the institution/product.

    The accreditation committee consists of specialized philologists of corresponding language/s with the years of practical experience in the area of language education, and with constant activity in the area of languages.


  • Fees


    1) The administrative fee for processing the application for accreditation is 45 EUR/application. This fee is paid when submitting the application and the confirmation of the payment has to be sent in the application form for accreditation.
    The administrative fee is not refunded.

    2) The accreditation fee is paid for each granted IALF Accreditation.

    By sending the application form the applicant does not have an immediate right for being accredited. In case the institution/product/project does not reach the evaluation for being granted the IALF Accreditation, the applicant does not pay any accreditation fee.

    Current accreditation fee is 350 EUR/accreditation - type Language Institution; for IALF members 290 EUR/accreditation.
    Current accreditation fee is 250 EUR/accreditation - type Language Product / Project; for IALF members 190 EUR/accreditation.

    In case of being granted the IALF Accreditation, applicant undertakes to pay the accreditation fee within 7 (seven) days since being informed about the result of the accreditation evaluation which is sent always on 15th, respectivlely in case of weekend or holidays the first working day. 


  • How many accreditations is it possible to apply for?


    Language institution can apply for the Language Institution IALF Accreditation and/or for Language Product IALF Accreditation.

    Author/seller/publisher can apply for the Language Product/Project IALF Accreditation.

    The amount of products / projects whcih the applicant applies for is not limited.


  • How to apply for the accreditation?


    Steps to apply for Accreditation:


    1) Send the application form which is available below.

    2) Make payment of the administration fee and state it in the application form:

    Pay the fee by:

    3) The applicant can be called upon to add additional information and documents which have to be delivered within 9 (nine) working days. 

    In case of application for Language Product IALF Accreditation, the applicant has to deliver the product in two samples not later than 9 days from the day the application form was sent.

    E-books and projects of events can be sent by e-mail.

    Other products (printed, software…) have to be delivered to the Central office by post.
    Shipping address: IALF, Pošt. priečinok E50, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia, Europe

    4) This is followed by the accreditation process during which the applicant can be contacted personally, or in other ways.

    5) Results of the accreditation process are reported by IALF always on 15th per month, or in case of weekend or holiday on the following working day.

    6) In case of being accredited, applicant undertakes to pay the accreditation fee within 7 days. He will receive the nd "Certificate of Accreditation" with the code of accreditation and Accreditation logo with the rights for its usage.
    Accredited institutions can also use IALF Certificates for their language courses (see the codex of the accreditation below).

  • Codex of Accreditation


    Holder of the IALF Accreditation is obliged to keep the following rules:

    1) To use the "Certificate of Accreditation" and the logo of accreditation only on:

    • own webpage
    • own printed and electronic promotional materials directly related with the type of stated IALF Accreditation (Institution and/or Product)
    • in case of product(s) to use elements of stated accreditation directly on the product
    • the certificates at the end of a completed course

    2) Spread the good name of IALF Accreditation and not to harm its provider, other owners of IALF Accreditation and partners of IALF.

    3) Develop the quality of own services and products. Not to use sharp, unfair practices and inhuman manners.

    4) If in the accredited institution occurs a change in staff in more than 30% during the valid accreditation, the corresponding institution is obliged to inform the provider of the accreditation by e-mail. Their new employees have to take part in the accreditation evaluation. The accreditation evaluation lasts 20-60 minutes and it is free, and has to be arranged three weeks in advance.

    5) Holder of IALF Accreditation applies for the extension of the accreditation for another 3 years not later than one month before the current accreditation expires (e. g.: if the accreditation expires on 15th of November, it is necessary to apply for extension not later than on 15th October).

    Application for extension has to be submitted by regular form of application and it has to contain:
    - heading with the data of applicant
    - code of expiring accreditation
    - text that the applicant applies for the extension of relevant IALF Accreditation
    - confirmation of payment of the extension fee; extension fee is 135 EUR

    The request has to be stamped, signed and sent as attachment from the e-mail address which the applicant stated in the first application for the IALF Accreditation.

    6) Holder of IALF Accreditation is obliged to inform the provider of IALF Accreditation about any chamges by e-mail.

    Applicant fully agrees with this codex when submitting the application for IALF Accreditation.
    Applicant also agrees with processing all the stated data for internal purposes of the provider of the accreditation and for general informative purposes.


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