About IALF


IALF - International Association of Language Fans

IALF is the association registered under the Ministry of the Interior and active in the field of education.

The association is for everyone who is interested in languages, likes teaching and/or learning them.


The mission of IALF is to:


  • contribute to raising awareness of the need for learning languages,
  • cooperate with similar domestic and foreign institutions,
  • promote the dissemination of technical information, exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of language education,
  • provide information about language tests, certifications, and opportunities for studying languages,
  • encourage an interesting, engaging, motivating form of teaching languages,
  • organize own public-benefit events, competitions, aimed at promoting language learning,
  • provide online learning materials for language learning.
  • organize training courses, seminars, lectures in foreign languages and for language teachers,
  • organize and deploy volunteers,
  • process international accreditation for language projects, products and institutions


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IALF, o. z.
Operating in: SVK, CZ, PL, HU, UK, ES, AU & EU

© IALF since 2010

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