About IALF


IALF - International Association of Language Fans

The association is for everyone who is interested in foreign languages, likes learning or teaching them.


The mission of IALF is to:


  • contribute to raising awareness of the need for learning languages,
  • cooperate with similar domestic and foreign institutions,
  • promote the dissemination of technical information, exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of language education,
  • provide information about language tests, certifications, and opportunities for studying languages,
  • encourage an interesting, engaging, motivating form of teaching languages,
  • organize own public-benefit events, competitions, aimed at promoting language learning,
  • provide online learning materials for language learning.
  • organize training courses, seminars, lectures in foreign languages and for language teachers,
  • organize and deploy volunteers,
  • process international accreditation for language projects, products and institutions


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IALF, o. z.
Operating in: SVK, CZ, PL, HU, UK, ES, AU & EU

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